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Pet Boarding Lauderdale Lakes

The list of reasons 5 Paw Pets is the ONLY company to trust for any or all of your Pet Boarding in Lauderdale Lakes is nearly endless! First and foremost, and most importantly: you can feel completely rest assured that your pet will ALWAYS remain SAFE and secure with us, because neither our hands nor our eyes will EVER leave your dog! Each of our experienced, qualified, and highly skilled employees care for only one dog at a time, ensuring that your pet is ALWAYS our main focus and our number one priority. We treat your pets as if they were our own, with only the utmost respect, care, attention, and affection, and only with the best intentions.

We are different from many of the boarding facilities, kennels, and other dog boarding companies out there, because we will NEVER leave your pet unattended, NEVER lock him or her up in a cage (afraid, nervous, uncomfortable, and just waiting endlessly to be let free), and we ALWAYS treat your pet with nothing but the best, most proficient, tender, compassionate, respectful, attentive, and appropriate care. Also unlike many other dog boarding facilities, we NEVER surround your dog with a multitude of other strange, unpredictable dogs, people, loud noises, or chaos; and he or she will be looked after at our CAGELESS, pleasant, and positive environment, or even in the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME, if you so choose! We acclimate to your schedule and needs, and always provide you with the accommodations that you and your pets require; so whatever suits you and your pets best, we will do! Plus, you cannot go wrong with a company that hires ONLY animal lovers, and ONLY the most competent, proficient, and reliable employees with whom you can truly entrust your pets.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, dedication, customer satisfaction, and superior services! 5 Paw Pets offers a vast array of services, which we can customize to your pets' needs.  Our services include pet sitting, dog walking, vacation pet care, pet nanny services, overnight pet sitting, doggie day care, pet taxi services, dog boarding, and other pet care-related needs.

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