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We started using Ely - 5 Paw Pets, Inc a few months ago and could not be happier with the service. Ely impressed me the very first time we met. She showed up on time, met our pets, explained the service in detail and took very detailed notes about everything we discussed.

She has taken care of our pets numerous times so far and each time they have been well cared for. Last time I don't think they even missed us. Also, Ely makes sure lights are left on, newspaper are picked up and mail is brought in. Everything is in order when we get home.

I highly recommend the services provided by 5 Paw Pets, Inc. They can be trusted to take care of your pets and home.
-- Mike Krause, Pembroke Pines, FL

Ely- 5 Paw Pets, Inc took care of Missy for almost a week and I am very pleased with her service.

She took care of Missy like her own pet, and Missy was very happy when she spent a short vacation with her Aunt Ely. I would definitely recommend her to anybody. Just like anybody who loves her pet, I treat Missy like my own child. And I wouldn't leave her to anybody whom I don't trust. I am glad I found Ely. I have a peace of mind knowing Missy is in good hands.

-- Rosebel- Miramar, FL

Ely- 5 Paw Pets, Inc has been our pet sitter here in Miramar since we moved here. She has helped us with Doox!
Some of the services provided by her are:
Walking, feeding, administer medicines, pickup after he goes!, cleans feeding & watering bowl, straightens the kitchen, puts dishes in washer, Emergencies- 100% acceptance rate on last minute calls 1-4 x per day visits or as needed!
Always been there with care, when we can't be there!
-- Heinemann, John - Miramar, FL

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