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Pet Sitting Service - Testimonials

We have left our Lab, Chlate, with Ely- 5 Paw Pets, Inc when we have gone on trips. We first tried to leave our dog at a kennel and this did not work. Chlate was very stressed out and we were told we would need to put her on medication in order to leave her again. We were very lucky to find Ely who has always been so willing to keep Chlate. When we take her to stay she is always very happy to see Ely.

Pet Sitting Service Our calls are always returned when we want to check on how she is doing.. Ely seems to have a real love for pets and we would recommend that you leave your pet in her care.
-- Jo Alice and Dave Randall, Hollywood

I would like to Thank 5 Paw Pets, Inc- Ely & Luis for a very thorough job!Going above and beyond for our Pets & Home in our absence...
-- A. Camacho, Weston, FL

5 Paw Pets, Inc I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of Tristan and Scootchie! ! Over the years, I have had people watch over the boys but there was always worry involved. I never have to worry when they are in your care! I know that you will take such good care of them and treat them as your own.

With my job and travelling every week it is very stressful but one thing is for sure, I never need to worry about the boys while I am gone and whether or not I will be able to go to work. The last year when I was living in NY every week it was a different issue and last minute I was scrambling to find someone to watch them for me. That is never even a concern for me while they are in your care which is such a relief! When I decided to move back to FL, I planned where I was going to live so it was closer to you guys and the airport =)

It was so funny because when I drove the boys down in April we spent so many hours in the car. They slept pretty much the whole way but when we pulled down your street, both of them stood up in the back and started wagging their tails! It was hysterical! They hadn't been to your house in a year but they remembered! It is like their second home and you are their other mom =)

Pet Sitting Service Ely -You are a very special person!!
All the best!
-- Lisa, Tristan & Scootchie, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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